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This piece was written on 31st Aug 2014

I sat in the class for the lecture of the most important topic “Perception”,  that any special educator working with children with Learning Difficulty, should be well versed with. Right from the beginning, we were told this is one of the most important topics and it should be really on our tips to come out of flying colours in our exam and most importantly to be an efficient special educator or rather an efficient educator. You need to master it to diagnose the problem, to plan Individualized Education Plan (IEP), to plan remediation, to plan strategies, to design your lesson plan and your teaching method and tools- in nutshell everything that you need to do as a special educator. I sat attentively throughout the enlightening lecture trying to grasp every bit of information. An interactive and lively classroom – a key feature of our course made it even more interesting. Twenty five brains of working teachers and parents along with our coordinator…

Illusion in Life

This piece was written a few years back for an online magazine

Role of Illusion in human life.
‘Come out of your illusion and face the facts in the light of reality.’ This is what we always hear in our day-to-day life. When looked in dictionary, the word ‘illusion’ is described as an erroneous mental representation. So, the very meaning of the word defines it as an erroneous act. But is it really an erroneous act? If it is so, then why human race was born with it and why it did not get discarded on the path of evolution. When evolution kept filtering the unwanted human traits and improvising the important ones, it chose to select ‘illusion’ which also got evolved along with Homo sapiens. The two schools of thought about human evolution support the birth of illusion as a support system for human life. The two different views are from people who believe in God and those who are atheist and neglect any such existence of supreme power. Take in account the first school of thoughts where a su…