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Heroic Moms

“Love for the child can move mountains.”
All the moms would unanimously agree with the above statement. Every mom is a hero whether she has a biological child or an adopted one. As a mother you strive to do the best for your children as you feel that your children are precious and the best of the world is just good enough for them. We go through the “joyful” pain of motherhood with love and pride of being mom. Once a mom always a mom- Life goes on a track from where you can’t take a U turn.
If the days, weeks or years since you became a mother feel like one big blank, give yourself a break. You can forget everything in this world but not the things that are precious: your baby's first smile,  first word, your toddler's first walking step, your 3 year old's first tricycle ride, the adorable look of your 7 year old when he lost his front two teeth, the troubles of teenage….. and the utter joy of being a mom.

When all set for the journey of motherhood, everyone has a beautifu…