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Soulmates forever.

Finding Mr. Right….I never had to assay for this search. I was served by destiny. We met through common relatives and friends and the journey began. I was not on a hunt for Mr. Right.  Still in my final year of post-graduation, at the age of 22, I was in a transition phase….outgrowing the tipsiness of romance inflicted by Yash Raj movies. ..A cute looking hero without a moustache who is a successful man, has great sense of humour, travels across the globe and is too romantic to squeeze time to dance around Swiss mountains with his beautiful wife. …A rosy dream that most of the girls of my age grew up with. But in real life, I met a tech savvy man with a bushy moustache. He had a great sense of humour but lacked all the other qualities of a typical Yash Raj hero.  He had a busy work life and messed up all my whims of romance. He was a stark contrast to me…a man with few words, but I felt a “comfort” with him. I shuddered the fantasies of reel life sweet coated husbands and embraced th…