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Comes June and it is time for us to complete another year of togetherness – our wedding anniversary.  After so many years of being together, I thought to pen down a little about this spicy journey of almost a decade and half. A real spicy one- sweet, sour, bitter, salty and many a times just bland. “Our relationship has been all about two imperfect people making a Perfect Relationship”.  This statement is not a skite . Trust me, it holds water. Arranged, Love or a mix of both---it started with excitement, enthusiasm and all the fear of a new life. During our official courtship period, there came a point when we both felt that we are poles apart and the relationship might not click. We even went to the discussion of calling it off.  But after introspection in depth, we unanimously came to the point –“ Yes, we are so different but still so comfortable together. Let’s go ahead.” And so the journey into the mystery of unknown begins…and still this mystery prevails, though diminished an…