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Anonymous Friend.

Donned in a casual white tee and brown knee length shorts with a ponytail neatly tying his shoulder length blond hair, he stood in the queue at the billing counter. I got the side glimpse of his fair face and blue eyes. I felt the strong pounding in my head.  My heart thumped wildly with million emotions pouring in. He loved India and had a plan to visit India-- Is it real ‘him’ or just my imagination?? A strong adrenaline rush tinged me and my lumbering steps with a heavy cart festinated at the speed of light. The items on my shopping list were dropped and I rushed to the billing counter. Standing behind him, I said an enthusiastic “Hi” with my voice and tone expressing a cocktail of emotions. He turned back and responded with a friendly “Hi”. It was not him.. All the emotions evaporated and what sublimated was an embarrassment. The blonde youth sensed it. Though he did not verbalize it, his bewildered eyes conveyed the message-“Are you Okay?”
Back home while arranging the grocery i…