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For That Special Father.

Here is one more from my treasured memory. This piece was published in an online magazine in 2008 on Father's Day.

They are Daddy’s girls inheriting most of his features, taste and attitude. Time spent with their Papa is a like a Disney ride- full of fun with no or minimal restrictions. Their whims are welcomed and answered and sometimes even promoted, as Papa loves to pamper them. Time with papa means wrestling on sofa and bed, going for fun activities and getting all their wishes fulfilled. Papa cannot see those melodramatic tears in his angel’s eyes. I am relegated to an ogre in their presence. With me, their treats are limited and their tantrums are unanswered. I have developed a thick cuticle for their melodramas. I am playful, but have to be strict and sometimes even go against my parental ethics and spank them lightly for their misdeeds.
Papa has long working hours, a lot of demands and pressures at work and those frequent business travels that makes him stay away from home f…