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For these MEN

Comes March and everything around gets soaked in the flavour of “Women’s Day”.
Hoardings hang around with quotes, citations and commendations to celebrate womanhood, events organized to honour them and not to forget sales and offers targeting the rapacious shopping appetite of ladies!!!
All of a sudden we as women feel to be an esteemed creation of Nature. There is an universal unanimous stand that woman is a paradigm of love, beauty, sacrifice, courage, patience…………… all packed in to one!!
A woman epitomizes the creation by Almighty!!  We know that. But in our mundane day to day life, while twiddling and juggling between the various roles- homemaker, career woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend, we tend to underrate ourselves. Such celebration adds a seasoning to the soup of life and rejuvenates you to continue with the flair of womanhood.

WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media are flooded with messages, articles and wishes about Women’s Day.  So overwhelming!! Well,…

A Wonderful Mother-In-Law

This piece was published some seven years ago in an online magazine.
Still plastered in the spirit of "Women's Day", this story needs to reach every women in this country. 

A Wonderful Mother-in-law.
A mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relation has been the most talked about relations in our society since ages. It has got too much of hype and our Bollywood and media has cashed it to the fullest. It is a sweet and sour relation and it depends on one’s luck whether they get more of sweetness or more of bitterness. But without any doubt, this relation makes an important part of a female’s life and effects it profoundly whether she is a mother-in-law or a daughter-in-law.

We have heard a lot of stories about this relation from media and from other sources. We have stories of torturing mother-in-laws and mother-in-laws setting their daughter-in-laws on fire because of dowry. We do have stories where daughter-in-laws exploit their old in-laws. But here I am going to present an unu…

Friends with no names.

Written on 31st July 2013 Here is one more from my treasured memory bag..
She is getting independent and I do not need to accompany her to the play area anymore.  Well, it was a tough decision to let her go and manage all alone. I could confidently leave my older one alone from the age of 4 in the play area. But I have always been overprotective with my younger one owing to various issues- her language delay, slow social development etc.  But after holding her hand constantly for long 6 years, I realized that she is sufficiently equipped to be left alone. She knows the dos and don’ts, can express herself and can sense danger and react. Children might be rude and bully her. But I have to withdraw myself to help her grow the hard way of life. The sooner, the better.  She can’t be a hermit crab walking around with a protective shell all the time.  The decision was made. And it has been one month and yippee! It was a success. For the contentment of my motherly worries, I have coordinated …