For these MEN

Comes March and everything around gets soaked in the flavour of “Women’s Day”.

Hoardings hang around with quotes, citations and commendations to celebrate womanhood, events organized to honour them and not to forget sales and offers targeting the rapacious shopping appetite of ladies!!!

All of a sudden we as women feel to be an esteemed creation of Nature. There is an universal unanimous stand that woman is a paradigm of love, beauty, sacrifice, courage, patience…………… all packed in to one!!

A woman epitomizes the creation by Almighty!!  We know that. But in our mundane day to day life, while twiddling and juggling between the various roles- homemaker, career woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend, we tend to underrate ourselves. Such celebration adds a seasoning to the soup of life and rejuvenates you to continue with the flair of womanhood.

WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media are flooded with messages, articles and wishes about Women’s Day.  So overwhelming!! Well, who does not relish basking in the glory?

This day holds an importance in the present socio-economic scenario to fight against the age old patriarchal mind set- A fight to melt the barrier of gender biased discrimination. …A fight to break the prejudices which have stung our society and have paralysed it in some ways…. A fight for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between the opposite genders.

On this day I would like to show my gratitude to all these men in my life.

My maternal and paternal grandfathers who were loving authorities in the early formative years of my childhood. Their unconditional and simple teachings have an immense effect on my thoughts.

My uncles who were my guardians. One helped me with my Mathematics and Physics lesson during my High school years. One never missed any of my special events-  my sports day, annual function, meetings at school, my graduation…..One who was not a man of expressions but made sure that all my food cravings were satisfied when I visited my native for my holidays.

My brother and the huge gang of cousins who were a part of the growing years. Carom  Games,  swimming lessons in the river  and running around the mango and litchi orchards during our summer vacation, flyings kites, antakshari when current was out ……………..the fun of yesteryears seem like a fairy land.  Not to forget the fights- verbal and physical and the instant patch up after the heated argument.  Manipulations, Negotiations, teasing, making groups, taking sides, changing sides, ditching one to join the other stronger ones… all done in the bliss of pure innocence.  So much happened in these growing years and so many life skills were learnt together. Eating together, playing together, studying together where elder ones where a guide and inspiration to younger ones and not to forget watching Doordarshan together for Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Spiderman and He Man. Playing Cinema-Cinema and who kills the maximum mosquitoes sitting under a bright night sky  was our favourite. Tying rakhi to a dozen wrists at one go was really overwhelming!!!

My father- in-law who strongly encouraged the idea of financially independent women and had all words for appreciation for the effort that I put to keep my work and family balanced.

My brother-in-law who with his witty sense of humour has always lightened the moment.

 My nephews who make me feel responsible for my words and actions as the new generation is watching!!

And not to forget my better half. For the arms that hold me tight and for the ears ready for my prattles.  For the space and security given to me to be just “ME”.

This note of gratitude is for all these MEN in my life who have shaped ME- a woman of strength!!!!!


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